BuzzFeed Ad Manager

B2B tool with enhanced ad management experience

I led the design of Buzzfeed Ad Manager and its ‘Ad Creator’, from research, designing, testing and handing off for implementation. This made it significantly efficient to create & manage ads, simplifying tasks for ad teams and advertisers, reducing the reliance on manual, error-prone methods.

Role: Lead Designer
Duration: 3 months
Team: Ad Tech, Ad Ops


Buzzfeed Ad Manager is an enterprise-level B2B advertising platform I helped launch with the Ad Tech team. Ad Creator is an experience within BAM that helps users mock test ads. This project focuses on the next iteration of the Ad Creator. It enables ad teams to create, manage and launch real ads for advertisers.


The current Ad Creator only supported mock ads. Users couldn’t create and validate ads linked to actual orders. They also couldn’t tailor them for multiple platforms (like Facebook and Instagram). These limitations resulted in a disjointed workflow and increased potential for errors in ad campaigns.

buzzfeed ad creator opportunities problems before


To enable ad teams to efficiently and accurately create ads across multiple platforms, to better serve their ad partners.

Success Metrics

Time Efficiency: Achieve a faster ad campaign creation and launch process, showing workflow improvement.

Eliminate Errors: Remove user errors in ad creation to avoid confusion or monetary loss, indicating a more intuitive interface and better compliance with guidelines.

Final Solution

The improved Ad Creator allows users to mock-up and preview ads before launch, maintain drafts before allocation to campaigns, and avoid manual formatting by enabling creation in platform-specific formats. This streamlined and accelerated the manual ad production process, significantly reducing errors along the way.

buzzfeed ad creator solution

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