Empathetic Designer, App Developer & Self-taught Artist.

I’ve always loved painting and computers. Give me a blank piece of paper, I start sketching (it’s spontaneous, can’t help it). Give me a computer and I start designing stuff. From doodling in MS Paint, to graphic design and now user experience.

For the love of computers (and better job prospects), I took up Engineering in CS as my undergrad. That’s when I fell in love with app development. Over time, I found myself wanting to create great product experiences for my app users. Soon, I realized that if people don’t want or like a product, then no amount of engineering genius can save it.

So now I focus on creating great experiences for people, be it an app or website. The kind that makes them go wow and keep coming back!

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Suleiman Ali Shakir

My Artwork

When I'm not designing or developing, you'll find me sketching.
I do digital painting as a hobby.